The White Stag
The White Stag - Awen Oran Mor association is committed to supporting and disseminating culture, knowledge and musical practice, both among adults and young people, by promoting activities in the area, both in Italy and abroad.
These objectives are pursued through
• Promotion, organization and management, also in collaboration or on behalf of third parties (including several prestigious public and private institutions, both Italian and foreign, including the Arpa Foundation, Rotary Club, Agnelli Foundation, Trinity College Dublin), of instrumental and vocal courses , music teaching courses, masterclasses for musical improvement, concert-lessons, ensemble music workshops, seminars, internships open to both young people and adults.

• Support and promotion of Italian and foreign musicians and artists, both minors and adults, promoting their educational training, dissemination, production and distribution through scholarships, financial subsidies or the creation of initiatives for their promotion.

• Organization of musical and cultural initiatives, also in collaboration with other Bodies, Associations and / or Schools, in the sphere of social aggregation and free time, for the dissemination of music, art and the promotion of the person and the quality of life; organize musical events for schools, for the elderly and for voluntary associations operating in the sphere of social aid and support, marginalization, human rights, maladjustment and handicap.

• Propose itself as a place of meeting and aggregation of musical and cultural interests, fulfilling the social function of human and civil maturation and growth.
Projects and activities in progress
• Celtic Harp Orchestra (2003 - ongoing):
- Objectives: support and dissemination of musical culture
- Activities carried out: concerts, musical events, music and Celtic harp courses.

• Harpers Without Borders (2011 - ongoing):
- Objectives: to bring help, support and music wherever it is needed, offering one's experience, passion and professionalism where music can make a difference through the realization of humanitarian projects, voluntary work and artistic and cultural patronage.
- Activities carried out: concerts and charity events in prisons, hospitals, schools, voluntary associations; scholarships, fundraisers.

• Collaboration with the Return To Nature agency (2020 - still ongoing):
- Objectives: sustainability of the concerts and events organized by the Celtic Harp Orchestra, with the campaign "Come to the Concert, Save the Planet".
- Activities carried out: compensation of the CO2 emitted during the concerts through the planting of trees in the Amazon Forest and in other wooded areas at risk (Nicaragua, Madagascar, India etc.) in proportion to the participants (results obtained in 2020: 14.312 kg CO2 produced; 20.450 kg CO2 compensated; 353 trees planted in 9 countries).

• Celtic music and harp school:
- Celtic harp course at the primary school of Campo Solare - Cernobbio (CO) (2014 - 2020)
- Celtic harp course at the Don Umberto Marmori secondary school - Cernobbio (CO)(2018 - 2020)
- Celtic harp course at the Villa Bernasconi museum - Cernobbio (CO) (2020 - still in progress)
Collaborations with Italian and foreign cultural institutions and institutions
• Ministry of Culture
• Arpa Association
• Agnelli Foundation
• Trinity College Dublin
Recognitions received for cultural and social commitment
• 2012 - Award by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano of the Representation Medal for artistic merit, for the help and support of the Madras music school in India.
• 2021 - Recognition and patronage of the National Committee for the Celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri - MiBACT
Funding and public contributions
• Year 2020 - Municipality of Como, Call for the provision of ordinary contributions in support of subjects operating in the cultural field - Measure 1 - Score 52/100 - Contribution € 2,419.00
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Cultural Association The White Stag - Awen Oran Mor (Como)
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