Celtic Harp Orchestra
The Orchestra
Celtic Harp Orchestra is, after ten years of activity and more than 1500 concerts held on four continents, the most active Celtic harp orchestra in the world.
Seven official CDs and countless appearances on ethnic and ambient music compilations have seen the style of the Orchestra, which has always been led by Fabius Constable, ranging from Celtic music to Venetian Baroque, from jazz to minimalism, from progressive rock to ancient music.
Celtic Harp Orchestra has collaborated with important artists such as, just to name a few, Andrea Bocelli, Arnoldo Foà, Myrdhin, Tadao Ando.
Thanks to our initiatives, linked to both charity and environmental commitment, we have received in addition to commendations from the Japanese First Lady and the royal couple of England, William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, also Cavallierato medals from the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella and the former President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano.
Fabius Constable
Director, Composer and instruments

Donatella Bortone

Lead vocals

Sabrina Noseda

Celtic harp and vocals

Chiara Vincenzi
Celtic harp

Maria Assunta Romeo

Celtic harp
Sabrina Noseda Fabius Constable Donatella Bortone Maria Assunta Romeo
Projects and activities
- Objectives: support and dissemination of musical culture
- Activities carried out: concerts, musical events, music and Celtic harp courses.

(2011 - still in progress)

- Objectives: to bring help, support and music wherever it is needed, offering one's experience, passion and professionalism where music can make a difference through the realization of humanitarian projects, voluntary work and artistic and cultural patronage.
- Activities carried out: concerts and charity events in prisons, hospitals, schools, voluntary associations; scholarships, fundraisers.
(2014 - still in progress)

- Celtic harp course at the primary school of Campo Solare - Cernobbio (CO) (2014 - 2020)
- Celtic harp course at the Don Umberto Marmori secondary school - Cernobbio (CO) (2018 - 2020)
- Celtic harp course at the Villa Bernasconi museum - Cernobbio (CO) (2020 - still in progress)
(2020 - still in progress)

- Objectives: sustainability of the concerts and events organized by the Celtic Harp Orchestra, with the "Come to the Concert, Save the Planet" campaign.
- Activities carried out: compensation of the CO2 emitted during the concerts through the planting of trees in the Amazon Forest and in other wooded areas at risk (Nicaragua, Madagascar, India etc.) in proportion to the participants (results obtained in 2020: 270.345 kg CO2 produced; 200,420 kg CO2 compensated; 1553 trees planted in 9 countries).

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